eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4.2!!!

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4.2!!!

changelog 5.4.2

- added: resizable massrename (Morph)
- reworked reask sources after IP-change (new v4)
- improved the internal connection checker
- changed some code around DBR
- imroved advanced auto uploadpriority: the longer a file wasn't uploaded the less "old" upload is counted
- imroved auto uploadpriority: option "share files with auto upload-priority" is now applied when a file is shared the first time
- improved: a bit faster switching from trickle to full when filling the uploadqueue
- changed Xtreme Icon: now it is high resolution (emule-web.de)

- fixed a bug with sourcesaver when multi temp dirs was used
- fix a bug when a file is hashed sooner than AICH-Syncthread got the mutex
- fixed/improved official code for calculating complete sources
- fixed an official bug showing wrong Kad-Id at networkinfodialog
- many more minor fixes

- updated languagefiles: german, spain, turkish, french, italian, cinese (thx unomas, Alpin, gigatoaster, LorenzoC, welldl)

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