eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5!!!

Desde la Foroteca llega la nueva versión del eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5!!!

Changelog For eMule 0.47a FRTK - EvoStar v5.5

- April 8, 2006 -
- eMule 0.47a FRTK - EvoStar v5.5 -
v5.5 8/04/06

- Add : netfinity: Reduced CPU usage (in UInt128.cpp)
- Some fix (xman)
- Code Improvement for choosing to use compression (xman)
- Fix crash on friend list click (kts)
- Code Improvement (CPU load) [MAELLA / Xman / Sivka]
- Spread Requests - (Stulle/frtk)
- Some [TPT] - Patch
- WiZaRd - Anti-Crash
- Recognize newer Shareaza
- WiZaRd - relax on startup
- Mass Rename (MorphXT)
- Try to adapt NAFC (to be tested ... option in FRTK update)
- SLUGFILLER: Check Disk space Fix
- Avi3k: fix auto-cat assign
- SLUGFILLER: doubleLucas
- Possible crash fix (frtk)
- Maella -Code Fix-
- Added missing code for related with webcache :S
- Decal LSD button if showtoolbar (Frtk)
- WiZaRd::Caching
- Less cpu-load with faster uploadspeed - by netfinity
- SLUGFILLER: reqBlocksClipping
- WiZaRd::Recheck Firewalled
- Xman find best sources
- MemLeak fix
- Dazzle : it's possible that a client is added to queue, later is dropped because of queue-full.
then is readded through search or passive, but within the reask time. In this time the source will be on DS_NONE, but still in the download queue. If this function is runned before it is reasktime, it will be deleted here and then when the partfile tries to reference the source, crash. added a check if we requested a file from this source to fix it
- Changed --> SLS Max Src to Save 200 to 50
- Changed --> SLS Max Src to Activate SLS 200 to 100
- Take into account IP+TCP Header [MorphXT]
- Add option to stop upload ((Try to transfer full chunks) after 9.3 Mb.
- Minor Fix [Spanish man]
- Little change in Webcache and adaptation of fix of the MorphXT 8.9
- Emule Steals Focus [raccoonI]
- Minor Display Fix For Upload "obtained Parts" [SiRoB]
- Small Fix Related To Hello-nadshake [eklmn]
- Changed: WC--> Reworked to make proxy configuration test with random port working [SiRoB]
- Clientlist & Cpu [WiZaRd]

* kts (Next Evolution).
* Spanish man by its collaboration.

to all the beta testers... in special to Naliart and Roisoft, by its patience...

eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5

eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5