Los servidores eMule ya no son seguros...

Extraídas de la página de MundoBit unas declaraciones de uno de los programadores de Lugdunum, el software que usaban los servidores de redes ed2k como edonkey y eMule...

En ella nos comenta que las listas de gruk y odbcmaurice no son seguras; porque ahora mismo todos los servidores importantes están corrompidos y no son los reales, es más llegan a comentar que los servidores con nombres conocidos que circulan ahora mismo están gestionados por empresas antipiratería para ir haciendo listas de usuarios, por si cambia la legislación... La recomendación es utilizar siempre Kademlia y ofuscación del protocolo de comunicaciones. O en su defecto pasarse a Torrent...

Enlaces de interés:

Cómo configurar eMule Xtreme (How to configure eMule Xtreme)!!!

Este mini tutorial está pensado para aquellos que recién instalado el eMule 0.48a piensan que les va lento. Son un par de trucos aprendidos después de ver cómo funciona el programa. Son consejos no obligaciones ni reglas estrictas, es posible que en algunos casos no sean los mejores, así que no se admiten quejas. El MOD que se recomienda es el eMule Xtreme 6.1. El manual está en español.

This small tutorial I have made is intended to those people who have just installed eMule 0.48a and want to take its best, or for those thinking that is running too slowly. These are little tricks that I have learned after checking myself how this program works. So here I show you little hints to make it work better, faster, just to take the best of it, so as it is intended as my advice, complaints are not admitted!
The recommended MOD is eMule Xtreme 6.1, as stated in the HOW TO. It is fast and does not need so much memory.


eMule 0.48a Xtreme 6.1!!!

eMule 0.48a Xtreme 6.1!!!

changelog 6.1

- added AJ-community-detection by userhash* (by anonymous anti-leecher)
* this option will detect and ban really a lot of bad mods!
- added filefaker check
- added T-DSL 16000 to the wizard

- improved NAFC adapter finding: find the right adapter even with exotic network configurations
- improved wizard to choose better download / uploadlimits
- improved: prevent busy popup during windows startup (leuk_he)
- improved: kadliscontrol: show the filename immedately
- a lot of other small improvements

- changed: skip loading of saved sources if you only allow obfuscated connections
- changed: for uploadlimit > 16 one more Low-ID client is allowed to enter the upload
- changed: do not ask exit from command prompt (leuk_he)

- fixed official kad bug under vista (leuk_he/godlaugh2007)
- fixed an official crashbug when shutting down while AICH-Syncthread is running
- fixed an official crashbug: reapplied division by zero fix at taskbarnotifier
- fixed a bug when changing ports but don't restart emule
- fixed an UPNP bug
- fixed an official bug: sometimes banning didn't work properly
- fixed a bug if you got a IP with ends with 0

Descarga directa:

eMule 0.48a Xtreme 6.0!!!

eMule 0.48a Xtreme 6.0!!!

changelog 6.0

- updated to 0.48a codebase
- made the NAFC-adapter-selection-code vista-compatible
- replaced official UPNP withXtreme UPNP (still at extended preferences)
- added: Obfuscation-PaddingLength to Extended preferences

- changed Xtreme Creditsystem: linier calculatio from 4.5 MB to 9.3 MB like official
- changed: remote credits are also calculated with 0.48a methode
- changed sourcesaver: don't save obfuscation required sources (would need to also store the userhash)
- changed: increased possible filebuffersize to 2 MB

- improved: iptocountry shows now 32 Bits flags for windows >= XP
- improved some code for closing sockets
- improved code that was responsable for creating two clients instances for one client
- improved: moveitem in mulelistcontrol (netfinity)

- fixed official bug when dis/enabling Queuelist/Clientslist
- fixed official bug when checking for empty userhash (ilmira)
- fixed official bug: update system-menu after changing bandwidth-capacity
- adjusted some parameters

- updated all languagefiles

Descarga directa:

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4.2!!!

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4.2!!!

changelog 5.4.2

- added: resizable massrename (Morph)
- reworked reask sources after IP-change (new v4)
- improved the internal connection checker
- changed some code around DBR
- imroved advanced auto uploadpriority: the longer a file wasn't uploaded the less "old" upload is counted
- imroved auto uploadpriority: option "share files with auto upload-priority" is now applied when a file is shared the first time
- improved: a bit faster switching from trickle to full when filling the uploadqueue
- changed Xtreme Icon: now it is high resolution (emule-web.de)

- fixed a bug with sourcesaver when multi temp dirs was used
- fix a bug when a file is hashed sooner than AICH-Syncthread got the mutex
- fixed/improved official code for calculating complete sources
- fixed an official bug showing wrong Kad-Id at networkinfodialog
- many more minor fixes

- updated languagefiles: german, spain, turkish, french, italian, cinese (thx unomas, Alpin, gigatoaster, LorenzoC, welldl)

Descarga directa:

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4!!!

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4!!!

Main Features:
- Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
- NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
- advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
- Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
- improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
- Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
- IP to country - show country-flags
- Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
- Multi-threaded disc access with threading-queue
- Universal plug and play support (UPNP) for routers
- hundrets of code improvements

with protocol obfuscation
- this mod has no USS (use nafc instead!)
- this mod doesn't allow unlimited uploadspeed
- the adjustable slotspeed is not an accurate speed, but a tolerant(can go 25% over the settings).

Xtreme Mod decide itself how much slots are needed to best fit your slotspeed
- the uploadlimit is applied to overhead + data
- if you use NAFC, the uploadlimit is applied to whole networktraffic (also other applications) and downloadlimit is automatically adjusted
- the overhead includes TCP/IP + UDP-Header + blockpackage-header + ACK-packets + obfuscation-data
- because the uploadlimit is applied to data + whole overhead, you have to set your upload to min 11kbs to get unlimited download,but please set it to about 90% of your uploadcapacity

Descarga directa:

PD: Esta versión va muy bien, consume pocos recursos y está bastante bien depurada de fallos, además teniendo la ofuscación siempre puede ser de utilidad para mucha gente.

eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5!!!

Desde la Foroteca llega la nueva versión del eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5!!!

Changelog For eMule 0.47a FRTK - EvoStar v5.5

- April 8, 2006 -
- eMule 0.47a FRTK - EvoStar v5.5 -
v5.5 8/04/06

- Add : netfinity: Reduced CPU usage (in UInt128.cpp)
- Some fix (xman)
- Code Improvement for choosing to use compression (xman)
- Fix crash on friend list click (kts)
- Code Improvement (CPU load) [MAELLA / Xman / Sivka]
- Spread Requests - (Stulle/frtk)
- Some [TPT] - Patch
- WiZaRd - Anti-Crash
- Recognize newer Shareaza
- WiZaRd - relax on startup
- Mass Rename (MorphXT)
- Try to adapt NAFC (to be tested ... option in FRTK update)
- SLUGFILLER: Check Disk space Fix
- Avi3k: fix auto-cat assign
- SLUGFILLER: doubleLucas
- Possible crash fix (frtk)
- Maella -Code Fix-
- Added missing code for related with webcache :S
- Decal LSD button if showtoolbar (Frtk)
- WiZaRd::Caching
- Less cpu-load with faster uploadspeed - by netfinity
- SLUGFILLER: reqBlocksClipping
- WiZaRd::Recheck Firewalled
- Xman find best sources
- MemLeak fix
- Dazzle : it's possible that a client is added to queue, later is dropped because of queue-full.
then is readded through search or passive, but within the reask time. In this time the source will be on DS_NONE, but still in the download queue. If this function is runned before it is reasktime, it will be deleted here and then when the partfile tries to reference the source, crash. added a check if we requested a file from this source to fix it
- Changed --> SLS Max Src to Save 200 to 50
- Changed --> SLS Max Src to Activate SLS 200 to 100
- Take into account IP+TCP Header [MorphXT]
- Add option to stop upload ((Try to transfer full chunks) after 9.3 Mb.
- Minor Fix [Spanish man]
- Little change in Webcache and adaptation of fix of the MorphXT 8.9
- Emule Steals Focus [raccoonI]
- Minor Display Fix For Upload "obtained Parts" [SiRoB]
- Small Fix Related To Hello-nadshake [eklmn]
- Changed: WC--> Reworked to make proxy configuration test with random port working [SiRoB]
- Clientlist & Cpu [WiZaRd]

* kts (Next Evolution).
* Spanish man by its collaboration.

to all the beta testers... in special to Naliart and Roisoft, by its patience...

eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5

eMule FRTK EvoStar 2006 v5.5


eMule 0.47a disponible!!!

So eMule 0.47 brings you:

* higher filesize limit - increased from 4GB to 256GB
* enhanced search capabilities - Detailed explanation about the usage of search expressions in eMule
* improved and fixed proxy support
* support for new serverside features and optimizations (e.g. filerating support fpr ed2k servers)
* further bugfixing and improvements

For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

Win9x users only:
The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0


Installer v0.47a.

Binaries v0.47a.

Sourcecode v0.47a.

eMule iONiX 4.4 (0.46c)!!!

Aireoreion acaba de anunciar el lanzamiento de la nueva release de eMule Ionix 4.4.


iONiX 4.4:
- Dec 4th, 2005 -
[compiled with VS 2003]
merged: Webcache 2.0 Beta 1 * [Aireoreion]
added: Xman Code Improvement: FillSolidRect [Aireoreion] (iONiX 4.33)
added: SearchCatch (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
added: sourceFrom (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
added: cacheUDPsearchResults (itsonlyme) [Aireoreion]
added: Xman better passive source finding [Aireoreion]
added: check completed sources which want to download their "complete" file (Xman) [Aireoreion]
added: Some TCP/UDPReask changes (Xtreme) [Aireoreion]
added: NAFC (basic coding by maella) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - TAG: NAFC (case-sensitive)
added: 2 new CreditSystems (one by Wizard) [Aireoreion]
added: Preview Music Files (IceCream/Morph) [Aireoreion]
added: option to set the max client datarate in the prefs [Aireoreion] - TAG: Max ClientUploadrate
added: option to set the userlevel in the adv. webinterface [Aireoreion]
added: show own ip in WebServerface Box [WiZaRd]
added: more strings can be replaced by the language-dlls [Aireoreion]
changed: iONiX Prefs structure [Aireorein]
changed: webcachetrustlevel from 30 to 15 [Aireoreion]
changed: Webinterface: If an user is restricted to see all cats show the allowed files in uploading list [Aireoreion]
changed: iONiX adv. Webinterface is now optional [Aireoreion]
changed: Don't show message info when it is filtered [Aireoreion]
changed: Don't ban friends that have a friendslot [Aireoreion]
changed: Global deadlist check is now optional (default: off), because it deleted too many good sources [Aireoreion]
fixed: Download next paused file (thx to KingSlater) [Aireoreion]
fixed: resource leak in TransferWnd [Xman]
fixed: SplashScreen [Aireoreion/Wizard]
fixed?: Download- & Uploadrate in Transferwindow and Titlebar ** [Aireoreion]
fixed: showing Webcache on FileDetailsDialog [Aireoreion]
fixed: CPU-Usage in Minimule (thx to Stulle - idea by Wizard) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Sorting issue in TransferWnd (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Update display info when changing AutoHL manuelly [Aireoreion]
fixed: F1 Bug in Webcachesettings [Aireoreion]
fixed: memleak in Kademliawindow when using IP2Country [WiZaRd]
modified: Never use AutoHL (file specific) when not enabled in Prefs [Aireoreion]
modified: send full emule string when using CHTTPDownloadDlg requests (CHTTPDownloadDlg 1.06) [Aireoreion]
modified: Antivirus: now the filename is coverd by quotation marks [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Codeparts [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Icons [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Sysinfo in Minimule (is already init) [Aireoreion]

* fixes and changes - no more corrupted parts :D
** changed opcode

Ficheros necesarios: (Descarga directa)

Instalador. Es un instalador muy bueno os recomiendo usarlo, si no sabeis instalar un MOD o sino teneis el eMule 0.46c instalado.

Binarios. (Si ya tienes instalada la versión emule 0.46c)


Existe una nueva BANLIST AntiLeech 1.07 os recomiendo descargarla e instalarla.

eMule FRTK-EvoStar v4.5 (0.46c )!!!

Noticia extraída de Foroteca.

- November 16, 2005 -
- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.5 -
v4.5 16/11/05


* Fully removed regdemo
* [Fixed] some reported crash
* [Fix] Flag are now display in DownloadList
* [Fix] Flag on KadContact (KTS)
* [Fix] Less CPU consum
* [Updated] webcache to Webcache 2.0a beta
* [Change] Eastshare credit" by "Wizard credit"
* Code optimizations (WiZarD, Xman, KTS, ....)
* [Add] netfinity: Fast HEX to string conversion
* [Changed/Fixed]: Blinking Tray icon -> Hay Mesaje [ikabot/spanishman/kts]
* [Added] ACC [Wizard]
* [Added] support for Useragent
* [HOTFIX] in DownloadQueue.cpp

en español

* Removido completamente el RegDemo de la versión 4.4
* [Arreglados] varios problemas de crash
* [Arregladas] que las banderas se muestren ahora en la ventana de descargas (cuando nos envían)
* [Arregladas] banderas en la ventana Kad (KTS)
* [Fix] menor consumo de CPU
* [Implantado] el Webcache 2.0a-Beta
* [Sustituido] sistema de créditos "EastShare" por "Wizard credit"
* Diversas optimizaciones (WiZarD, Xman, KTS, ....).
* [Añadido] netfinity: Conversión rápida de Hex a string
* [Cambiado/Arreglado]: icono para avisar de un mensaje (Tray icon) -> Hay Mesaje [ikabot/spanishman/kts]
* [Añadido] ACC (verificación de conexiones activas) [Wizard]
* [Añadido] soporte para UserAgent
* [Arreglo importante] en DownloadQueue.cpp


Binarios: (Para cualquier ordenador)






Thanks at all beta tester...'

eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.4!!!

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.4
FIXED : (major) SafeHash Patch from SlugFiller mod (Borschtsch)
FIXED : (minor) Mixed icon in downloadclientlist
FIXED : (major) Rollback code arround ICS feature
FIXED : (minor) Smart A4AF swaping
FIXED : (minor) Advanced A4AF management
FIXED : (minor) Shared Part column have been fixed (missed merging code from 0.46c)
FIXED : (minor) Changed Share Only The Need a bit due to official change

CHANGED: Turned back the right sorting of the file status column
CHANGED: Moved back "Download In Alphabetical Order" setting in priority popup menu
CHANGED: Reworked a bit the Anti-leecher to not ban client morph based mod
CHANGED: Linear priority column show us all information regarding download priority
CHANGED: EastShare CS has been updated according to change in official
CHANGED: Create ipfilter, fake and ip2country class first to avoid multiple hd access while hashing
CHANGED: USC: changed the way to limit upload slot datarate to balance upload and avoid lost of bandwidth
- so don't worry if you see datarate above limit with 1" upload avarage setting
- in short trickel slot may take high datarate until their avarage download reach upload limit setting
CHANGED: WC: WebCache site has been shutdown due to high load, so i removed link for autoupdate webcachesetting
CHANGED: Every client are now equal arround PowerShare file state
CHANGED: zz code update arround scheduled upload system

ADDED : Patch to make shareable file succefuly completed with insufficient space disk on target

TWEAKED: Anti-Leecher test order by Stulle

Descarga Directa


eMule iONiX 4.33 (0.46c)!!!

EDITO: Ha salido una nueva versión de eMule Ionix 4.4 . Os recomiendo que mejor useis esa versión.


Nueva actualización (bugfix) de eMule iONiX 4.33 adaptado a la versión 0.46c oficial. Este update se debe a algunos problemas experimentados por algunos usuarios, además han aprovechado para incluír algunas algunas funcionalidades más.

Al final unos links para la descarga directa tanto del MOD como de la librería encargada del español que no viene incluída en el fichero de distribución.

- Oct 5th, 2005 -
[compiled with VS 2003]
added: Xman Code Improvement for choosing to use compression [Aireoreion]
added: support for different colors in the ModLog [Aireoreion]
added: ionixguide support in Preferences dialogs added by iONiX [Aireoreion]
added: FunnyNick hotswap support (Morph/Stulle/Aireoreion) [Aireoreion]
added Enable ListSearch (use Ctrl+F) [WiZaRd]
added: possibility to enabled/disable ban selectively [WiZaRd]
removed: antileech.pub
changed: Public key for Leecherlist validation is now hardcoded + support for multiple public keys [WiZaRd]
fixed: crash when downloading fakeslist via ed2k [Aireoreion]
fixed: possible crash with multisort [Aireoreion]
fixed: possible crash with Automatic shared files updater [WiZaRd]
fixed: possible crash with Friends (Xman) [Aireoreion]
fixed: crash using F1 in Preferences dialogs added by iONiX [Aireoreion]
fixed: not saving RegEx and Care4All (Categories) [Aireoreion]
modified: compression rate now decreases with higher upload speed (netfinity) -> higher uploadspeed possible [Aireoreion] (iONiX 4.32)
optimizied: iONiX Source [WiZaRd][/quote]

And thx to all betatesters and translators for their great work!

Ficheros necesarios: (Descarga directa)
Binarios. Existe un installer muy bueno os recomiendo usarlo.

Librería del lenguaje es_ES.

Librería DLL (creo que no hace falta).

Existe una nueva BANLIST AntiLeech 1.07 os recomiendo descargarla e instalarla.

eMule 0.46c iONiX 4.32!!!

Nueva actualización de eMule iONiX 4.32 adaptado a la versión 0.46c oficial. Al final unos links para la descarga directa tanto del MOD como de la librería encargada del español que no viene incluída en el fichero de distribución.

iONiX 4.32:
- Oct 2nd, 2005 -
[compiled with VS 2003]
added: some forgotton codeparts in MultiSort [WiZaRd]
added: rightclick options for AutoHL/Hardlimit per file [WiZaRd]
added: saving of Hardlimit per file* [WiZaRd]
added: cFos check [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
added: WiZaRd PowerShare** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::PowerShare
added: FunnyNick (Morph/Stulle) [Aireoreion]
added: Hashing progress indication by O² [WiZaRd] + extension for AICH [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Hashing Progress [O²]
added: if started for the first time/update, iONiX will create a "clean" pref on save***** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Fresh Pref
added: Serverside rating support in search ******[Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
re-added: option for additional toolbar in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: second additinal toolbar in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: external antileech.dat file containing leecher info, protected by 1024Bit RSA key [WiZaRd] ********
added: option to disable DropDown Buttons in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: FakeCheck + IPFilter Update via eD2K (idea by emuleplus) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - Tag: WiZaRd::eD2K Updates
removed: TPT: Friend Slot [WiZaRd]
removed: Morph PowerShare [WiZaRd]
removed: various unneeded codeparts [WiZaRd]
removed: sivka filesettings [WiZaRd]
removed: WebCache link to sourceforge requested by Superlexx [WiZaRd]
changed: bad mod list **** [WiZaRd]
changed: upload buffer now adapts to uploadspeed*** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Caching
changed: anti-modfaker returned to v2.1 because of difficulties with orig code [WiZaRd]
changed: a lot of default pref settings for newbie users [WiZaRd]
changed: queuesize fix******* [WiZaRd]
fixed: saving of dirchecker setting [WiZaRd]
fixed: added missing hardlimit check in passive src finding [WiZaRd]
fixed: progressbar switch now works correctly [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: saving/loading of invisiblemode key [WiZaRd]
fixed: possible crash with Automatic shared files updater [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: Good and Fair Rating icons were switched [Aireoreion]
fixed: Too many uploads slot with Minimize Uploadslots activated and no upload limit [Aireoreion]
fixed: Prefs: ICMP and editboxes not disabled when ConChecker is disabled [Aireoreion]
fixed: No pre-selected cat in Webinterface [Aireoreion]
fixed: Fakecheck Reset [Aireoreion]
modified: eMule Priority Settings [Aireoreion] - Tag: [ionix]: high process priority - based on MORPH
modified: SplashScreen [Aireoreion] (new image by bobo {idea by Wizard})
update: CreditsThread [Aireoreion]
added: French language support [Firnus]
update: de_DE.dll [Aireoreion]
update: it_IT.dll [FrankyFive]
update: es_ES_T.dll [Maraglio]

* be careful when using QuickStart - it will reset the HL to your chosen value - that's NOT a bug!
** a simple yet effective PS
*** this might help uploaders with high upload speeds
**** we also added NeoMule to the bad mod list as we think the good version is used to promote the bad version and it has bad features - no discussion about that, the ban will stay -
***** your old preferences.ini (if there was one) will be renamed to preferences.old
****** if you add a rating to a sharedfile it will be send to the server. the server will calculate the average rating which will be displayed in the search results (Serverversion must >= 17.6)
******* queuesoftlimit will now be calculated, instead the hardlimit, if you set it to 5000 it will stay there
******** you can update the antileecher.dat using http://emuleionix.airu.de/antileech.zip

Ficheros necesarios: (Descarga directa)
Binarios. Existe un installer muy bueno os recomiendo usarlo.

Librería del lenguaje es_ES.

Librería DLL (creo que no hace falta).

eMule FRTK EvoStar 4.4!!!

EDITO: Nueva versión eMule FRTK Evostar 5.5.

Damos las gracias a la peña de la Foroteca por el lanzamiento de la nueva versión del FRTK MOD 4.4...

- September 16, 2005 -
- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.4 -
v4.4 16/09/05


- really fixed crash in sharedlist (KTS)
- filter clients with failed downloads (Xman)
- fix in reask src
- spreadreask (SlugFiller)
- moved LSD buttons if addtional toolbar is disabled
- code optimization (WiZarD, Sirob, dazzle)
- some fixes (Sirob, Wizard, Xman)
- fix : now show paused file in grey option is correctly saved
- fix : reverted IP on KAD whois
- disable force power share on proxies
- Add : Buffer Upload Data (WiZarD)
- add server rating (WiZarD)
- add some provider in the wizard
- dll spanish lang beta (thx Marcelin)


*Para cualquier ordenador:






Thanks at all beta tester...

eMule 0.46c iONiX 4.31!!!

Nueva actualización de eMule iONiX 4.31 adaptado a la versión 0.46c oficial. Al final unos links para la descarga directa tanto del MOD como de la librería encargada del español que no viene incluída en el fichero de distribución.

iONiX 4.31:
- Sep 5th, 2005 -
[compiled with VS 2003]

added: Advanced webserver interface account management (inspired by eChanblard) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - Tag: Advanced WebInterface Account Management
added: two cookie-based settings in webserver login (requires Javascript and Cookies enabled) [Aireoreion] - Tag: Cookie settings
added: View filter in Shared Files by ED2k-Search-Type (Avi3k/Slugfiller) [Aireoreion] - Tag: Avi3k: SharedView Ed2kType
re-added: Support for non-iONiX language files [Aireoreion]
fixed: Update SharedFilesList when changing Powershare in the Settings [Aireoreion]
fixed: Apply-Button remains inactive when clicking on "restore last main window" (thx LD86) [Aireoreion]
fixed: ConChecker (fully working now) [WiZaRd]
fixed: Secure Identification Bug in 4.3 (getting banned by other iONiX User) [WiZaRd]
fixed?: Download- & Uploadrate in Transferwindow and Titlebar [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: Banned Client Counter (Xman) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Middle button click in TransferWindow (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion] - Tag: SLUGFILLER: middleButtonFix
fixed: Saving items of the default category not in the default incoming folder (thx FoRcE-MST) [Aireoreion]
fixed: wrong strings shown with non-iONiX language files (thx eryen) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Not all files are shown in shared files using "all files" on Incomplete Files filter [WiZaRd]
modified: Spreadbars (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
modified: changed default URL for Fakes to fakes.zip (was fakes.dat) [Aireoreion]

Ficheros necesarios: (Descarga directa)
Binarios para descargar, existen versión instalable muy currada.

Librería del lenguaje es_ES (Español_España).

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